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The Department of Health defines food poverty as ‘The inability to afford, or to have access to, food to make up a healthy diet.’


Food poverty is affecting 8,4 million people in the UK, one of the 7 largest economies in the world, alone. It can be triggered especially hard in the times like we are experiencing now - during the global pandemic. Some of the most vulnerable groups include children often rely on school meals to have a healthy and filling meal once a day at least. The lockdown has put many more families in the position they thought they’d never experience.


The project I’ve been working on with chef James Taylor - coordinator and one of the organisers - and the charity “Chefs in schools”, documenting the incredible work taking place in London schools. Since the UK lockdown began a diverse group of volunteers have been using surplus ingredients provided by Magic Breakfast, the Felix Project, Natoora, Entremittier and other charities, to cook nourishing ready meals and food boxes to distribute to London families who need it the most. 


Over 100 people have signed up to help - all of different backgrounds, but with the same mission - to help provide school meals to eligible school pupils now locked down at home and the children of key workers. 

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